A Plethora of Pictures from Club Open Houses

Shining Stars Club #4225 held an Open House on March 22, hosting several visitors. We are happy to welcome five new members (one via transfer) to our club!

David Toombs
Shining Stars Club


Top Notch Toastmasters Club #825 held their Open House on March 14. It was very successful and we had several guests, plus one new member joined!

Chuck Mencke
Top Notch Toastmasters

More Open House Photos

Captions provided by the Editor 

The gang’s all here at Truckin’ Toastmasters!

The House Speakers have refreshments! Yum!

The Cat in the Hat attends the FAA Toastmasters Open House.

Everyone at the KCM Open House is paying attention.


Speakers of the House go for a party atmosphere with balloons.

It’s a studious-looking group at Waco-Early Birds Club. Maybe it’s just too early.

Thanks to all who had open houses and sent pictures!

By Jodie Sanders