A-Team Hosts a Fantastic Open House

The A-Team Toastmasters hosted our Open House on March 22. The theme was St. Patrick’s Day but we turned that into “Lucky to be in Toastmasters.”

The Toastmaster for the day solicited testimonials from the members about why they felt lucky to be in the club. Comments ranged from being called last minute to make a presentation at work, to having a boss notice the quick-thinking skills developed in Table Topics experience. Everyone was happy to be recognized!

With over seven guests attending the Open House, all won door prizes! We shared delicious desserts while we were entertained with two first-class speeches. Roy presented the business side of a rock-and-roll band. Mary told the story of the life of a house, from the home’s perspective! The Table Topics were amusing, too.

We welcomed one new member as a result. It was another fantastic meeting for the A-Team Toastmasters!

Janet Fetsch
A-Team Toastmasters


By Jodie Sanders