Speakers Bureau Is a Light to the Community

Recently we have heard the call to “Let it Shine” in our Toastmasters lives. We can also be a light to our community. We do this when we talk about Toastmasters to others, and when we use the skills we learn in our work and home lives. What if there is more we could do?

The Speakers Bureau aims to serve the community with professional speakers for seminars, meetings, and other events. It also helps the District by providing speakers for open houses and demo meetings. Currently comprised of 20 members, the Speakers Bureau is capable of serving any organization and of covering the widest possible range of themes. It shows the heights one can attain through the Toastmasters program.

The first way you can shine as a member of the Speakers Bureau is to be a speaker. If you want to expand your horizons and further improve your presentation skills, simply fill out the application on the Speakers Bureau page of the D25 website, then give an audition speech for current members. You will receive immediate feedback and will be notified of the decision within a few days.

The second way is to be a contact person, someone who finds places for the Bureau to speak. These may be churches, schools, nursing homes, businesses – anywhere that needs our service. You may also help with the creation of promotional materials to get the word out about the Bureau.

Finally, you can become part of the leadership of the Bureau. As the current Chair of the Speakers Bureau, I am looking for one or two assistants to help plan and implement  its growth.

Are you ready to help your community find people who can change their lives through a professionally given speech or seminar? Do you have the desire to promote the unique program that Toastmasters offers in an exciting manner? Please email me or sign up on line.

Keith Boepple

Speakers Bureau Chair



By Jodie Sanders