By Joyce Trimble, DTM, District 25 News Editor


Hot Topics? What’s that?

Who told you that?

Where’d you read that?

Fellow Toastmasters, these are examples of questions heard throughout the district. Hot Topics is one source of the district’s events and is delivered straight to your Inbox. No longer is it necessary to search for information about the Awards Banquet to be held in August. Or the Summit that is scheduled in November. The information is available in one document sent to you on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

As the 2021-22 Hot Topics editor, my goal is to increase the awareness and access of information.  This information can be new or previously submitted articles housed on the D25 website, containing relevant articles for your everyday Toastmaster life and experiences.

Changes have been made to the Hot Topics format to broaden the awareness of this easily accessible source of information for you. It has been streamlined to fewer pages for your perusal.

Previously submitted articles on the website are at the top of the monthly edition with links directly to the article for further reading.


New editorials just for Hot Topics:


  • Inspired by You, written by District Director, Ninfa Flewitt, will share what and who inspired her the previous month.
  • Club Reporter, submitted by our Club Reporter, Jill Morrison, will share characteristics from a randomly selected and personally visited club.
  • Triple Crown, submitted by the Hot Topics editor, will recognize elite members who have earned at least 3 educational awards as of the end of the previous month.
  • Outstanding Member of the Month — the only exception to an exclusive column — deserves and will receive multiple recognitions in all social media platforms.

The goal is simple, but challenging: increase awareness to 50%!


Your assistance is needed to spread the flame of awareness. One club per division has been selected for a surprise visit during the next 12 months. The surprise guest will award a $15 TLI Certificate if all officers have read the latest issue of Hot Topics. The club will also be recognized as recipient of the newly created Flame of Awareness Award. Will that be YOUR club?

Hot Topics? What’s that?
Monthly Toastmaster news for D25 members!

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