Celebrating Glenda Curry-One Amazing Lady!

Celebrating Glenda Curry-One Amazing Lady!

By Diana Patton, DTM, VP Education Alliance Networks Toastmasters Club

I know each member of Alliance Networks Toastmasters club joins me in  ‘Celebrating GLENDA’ not just because she completed her Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) award on March 10, but all the amazing things she has done as a member of our club.

On March 10, 2020 it was my honor as not only the VP Education at Alliance Networks Toastmasters Club but also a friend to submit Glenda Curry’s DTM award.

She has been an amazing since February 2012.  Always setting the bar high as a member, officer, mentor and all around amazing person. I wanted to honor her by putting memories of her speeches, service to the club and to the District in a few words but mostly pictures.

I was honored to be part of her High Performance Leadership (HPL) committee and even being on multiple conference calls with her co-workers.  Her project was something outside Toastmasters and at her work – “CRM Wish List”.  With her HPL results speech on March 10, 2020 her HPL, ALS and DTM were submitted.

Glenda has made us laugh and even cry over over the years.  She is the type Toastmaster that puts a lot of effort into preparing her speeches with those little extra touches that makes each one memorable.

Here are just a few of her speech titles that bring back very fond memories:

“$5 Tuxedo Jacket” – She made a mirrored Tuxedo jacket for her husband Jeff.

“Purr-fect Accessory “ – She didn’t mind wearing a black suit covered in cat fur to get her point across.

“The Shopping List “ – Who would have known a speech about conflict resolution would involve type of Lysol that ‘should’ have been purchased just by the word ‘Lysol’ put on shopping list.

“Look Out! – It’s a Roundabout” – need to be involved in community projects.

“Holiday Staff on Strike”  – Appropriate speech for Thanksgiving meeting involving turkey hot-line

“The ’68 Camaro – A Love Story” – another story involving her husband Jeff that left me crying.

Enjoy my memories through these pictures.