All Work?

All Work?

By Ninfa Flewitt, DTM, Division A Director

We’ve heard the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” At D25, it seems like your District Leaders are all work. Believe me that we do work… a lot! We work to make the District stronger for you!

With Contest Season in full swing, just following Winter TLIs, and now that dues are due, it may seem that we are all work and no play.  Let me dispel that myth right now.

Recently, the Trio treated the Division Directors to a night out.

Business was off the table.

What was on the table, were blank canvases, paints, and brushes. With 80’s music playing in the background, your District Leaders were singing along with tunes from our youth and painting a stormy night with the occasional “arggh” thrown in for good measure.

We were treated to a Painting with the Twist night in Grapevine, where we learned that Jen Romaszewski and Amanda Vasquez can paint realistic ships and that Bobby Madera has other strengths.  ?

We had a fabulous night out, enjoyed some time together where business was not the order of the day… or night as it were.

“Blackbeard’s Moonlight Run” will never be the same, Matey!

Thank you to Jamie Pickering, Chris Raneri, and Bobby Madera for a fun night out!