Where Can I Find Evaluation Forms for My Project?

Where Can I Find Evaluation Forms for My Project?

By Greg Pick, DTM, Pathways Coordinator

Toastmasters International (TI) has made it possible to easily assess evaluation pdfs for our Pathways project lessons.  We have two locations within Basecamp to access our evaluation forms.  The first location is on the main Basecamp access page and the second location is within each Pathways project.

Using Basecamp to Access an Evaluation Form

After you login to TI (https://www.toastmasters.org/login), access your profile and go to Basecamp, the last button of the five main buttons is Speech Evaluations.

When you select the button, Basecamp opens another screen that has several links for requesting feedback and a section entitled Evaluation Resources.

To get the evaluation, find the one that matches your project, click on the evaluation to open to a Training Details page that will allow you to Launch a pdf of the selected evaluation form that you can print or download and save.  The evaluations for each project are listed alphabetically.


Basecamp Evaluation Listing

Sample Evaluation Access Screen for Launching

Accessing an Evaluation Form within a Pathways Project

After opening, reading, and completing your assignment, you will develop a speech or project as described on the Complete Your Assignment Page.  The next page will be Your Evaluation.  This page includes links to pdf files that will include as a minimum the (1) Evaluation Resource (evaluation form) and (2) Print My Project (a copy of the complete project).  It may include checklists or other forms needed to get credit.  When you select the evaluation, the pdf opens in a new tab and has at least 3 pages.

Your Evaluation Page

Sample Evaluation


Alternatively, you can avoid the login and access Pathway’s Evaluation Forms directly on the D25 Toastmasters website. For your convenience, there is also a zip file with all 65 Pathways Evaluation Forms. Just click the link below.
Using District 25 Website to Access an Evaluation Form – click here
Be sure to find the Evaluation Form that matches your specific project.