Three simple things: or how to deliver an elevator pitch

Three simple things: or how to deliver an elevator pitch

By Thad Mantaro, District 25 Public Relations Manager

As Toastmasters, it’s helpful to have a plan for how to share the value we find in membership. You never know when you’ll get the chance to share your enthusiasm for TI, and never know when you’ll bump into someone who can help carry the message forward. An elevator pitch can make all the difference if you’re prepared in the moment!

An elevator pitch is a brief description of an idea, a concept, or something that you hope to use to influence another person, designed to capture their attention in the span of time you might ride in an elevator with someone. It’s also a metaphor for making the most of an impromptu moment and using that to communicate effectively. People use the pitch to engage a potential club member, or to encourage someone to want more information. There are lots of good ideas for crafting an elevator pitch, and you can find some here in the TI Brand Manual.

Though there are lots of ways to approach the pitch, one of the best ways to share information about Toastmasters is to think about three things that Toastmasters helped you accomplish over the past year, and the influence those have had on your life. You might think about a) your new sense of relaxation when communicating in front of a work audience, b) the positive impact that has had on your self-image, and c) how your boss has noticed an increased level of confidence. Or, fill in the blanks with your own version of this type of accomplishments—it will be different for everyone!

Just remember, three simple things can convey the value-added opportunities that Toastmasters provides and are key to sharing that value with others. Use your imagination and be prepared—you never know when the opportunity will knock!