We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges

We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges

By Steven Timmons, DTM, Public Relations Manager

Whether you have been a part of Toastmasters for one day or for many years, you realize that a big part of being a Toastmaster is recognition.  Pathways provides many opportunities to provide and receive recognition as you journey along your path.  Pathways badges serve a big part of the recognition that includes the broad categories of achievement and feedback.

As we complete our paths, we automatically earn achievement badges as we complete our levels and our path to demonstrate proficiency.  However, did you know Pathways provides additional opportunities to give and receive feedback badges?  This is the subject of this article; the what, why and how of awarding feedback badges.

What are feedback badges?

Pathways has developed five different feedback badges:  Collaborative, Courageous, Exceptional, Innovative and Inspirational Badges.  I expect that you can get a feel for what they mean and how to use each of them from their name.  Keep in mind that badges are awarded along with your feedback or comments so that you can provide information related to the badge as you share them with others.

Why should you give feedback and badges?

Let’s go for the gold – it is free to give your feedback and badges as appropriate.  We all like free, don’t we?  Also, it is an important part of the Pathways curriculum for members to award recognition to one another.  By awarding badges, members can elevate their level of support for one another up a notch by regularly sharing their feedback and badges.  It is a great practice to share and encourage your feedback to help your members grow.

How do you provide feedback and badges?

Under the Pathways Training area are five icons.  When you click on the MY FEEDBACK icon in the center you will access the page for providing feedback.  This panel provides the main access to provide feedback and award badges.  If you select My BADGES you will be able to view badges you have received.

When you go to the MY FEEDBACK page you will see three tutorials:  Requesting Feedback, Responding to Feedback Requests, and Providing Feedback and Awarding Badges.  I recommend that you watch all three tutorials; however, the last tutorial listed will help you most with providing recognition to your fellow members.

Why hesitate, let’s provide the impetus within our clubs by being the first to award a recognition badge with the appropriate feedback.  Who knows, your club members might even reward you with their feedback and a recognition badge.  After all, your feedback and the badges as with most people’s thoughts are free.  Share your feedback and badges today!