How Can I Find Information about the Pathways Learning Experience (Pathways)?

How Can I Find Information about the Pathways Learning Experience (Pathways)?

By Greg Pick, DTM, D25 Pathways Coordinator

Finding information is easy – just “Google” it.  Three established locations that I use and are convenient for finding information about Pathways – District 25 Pathways Resource page, articles included in each Hot Topics, and the Toastmasters International website.

District 25 Pathways Resource Page

On our District 25 website ( members can go to our Pathways resource page located here.  This dedicated web page contains numerous resources and links to help members learn about Pathways.  As of November 2018, the District 25 website has the following information available on our Pathways resource page.

Link Purpose
Research the Pathways Paths This tool provides details on each project within each path to help select your path if you don’t choose one recommended from the assessment!
Pathways Base Camp Cheat Sheet Quick answers to the most frequent questions and stumbling blocks when navigating Base Camp
Paths/Levels/Project Describes each path & provides a visual presentation of the required projects
Visual Explanation of Path Describes the projects required for each level in your path, including mentoring
Pathways Evaluation Forms for download Links to the evaluation forms for every project in Pathways
Base Camp Manager Duties A “how-to” document for the tasks a base camp manager does
Pathways Navigator (PDF) Describes the program and the club environment – a must read for new members and mentors
How to set up FreeToastHost to deliver Pathways Notifications to the Base Camp Managers Provides step-by-step instructions to establish a common Base Camp managers notification request approval of a completed level
Pathways Paths & Core Competencies (11 pages) Lists the ten paths and provides a list of all projects in every path – one page for each path
Pathways sample project #1:  The Ice Breaker Download quickly the Pathways IceBreaker project
Transition Period Distinguished Club Program (DCP Education Goals) Describes the education award goals that can be used (any 6 of 12) by a club to become distinguished for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 Toastmaster fiscal years
How to become a Distinguished Toastmaster Our Distinguished Toastmaster award was retained but has different requirements that are spelled out here.
Pathways on Toastmasters International Site Quick link to the Toastmasters International website that describes the Pathways learning experience
Helpful Pathways Guidance (past D25 posts) This link takes members to past posts about Pathways, which contain helpful information.

D25 Posts and Hot Topics

All past articles related to Pathways can be found here.

Look for articles in each issue of Hot Topics in this Toastmasters year (2018-2019).  If you miss the Hot Topics then you can go to the Hot Topics archives located here.  If you don’t use the link then go to the District 25 homepage, scroll to the bottom of the page, and select the link located under “News and Community” as pictured (circled in red).

Toastmasters International

There are several ways to find details about the Pathways Learning Experience (Pathways).  On the Toastmasters International website ( you can navigate to Pathways information from the ‘Pathways’ top of each web page or simply go here.

If you don’t find your answers or information you wanted or if you have questions, you can submit them to our Pathways Coordinator at this email: