Thanks for The Memories

Thanks for The Memories

By Diana Patton

Thanks to everyone that takes pictures of special club, area, division and district events and provides them to me for creating a photo album for each event.

Years ago a friend of my daughter who was an college exchange student from England would say over and over again “Time for a photo” and we would all come together for that ‘clik’.  I’m sure she looks through those photo albums today reliving those special memories.  I want to thank every club member that has said “Time for a photo” and shared those memories.

Our District Photographer Mark Novak and I loving attending District events, taking pictures and working together to make sure they are posted on Facebook to ensure our memories are recorded.  Then some of those pictures are used to make photo stories for special events.

Pictures from clubs are also used for those photo stories. Pictures from open houses should be shared by sending to   Read here for full details.

Use this email address to forward any pictures with brief description of event for labeling of any special event:  Here are a few events that are photo worthy:  open house, anniversary, special member recognition, special themed meetings.

Want to take even better pictures?  Check out suggestions in document created by Amelinda Salas for contest pictures.  Read more.  Group pictures are always great but those close ups of 2-3 smiling faces are fun too.

Links to pictures:
Listing of all District 25 photo albums-past years listed on left side of page 
D25 Facebook Photo Albums – (be sure to click on ‘see all’)
Photo Stories of past events

Pictures can be shared by email, Google docs, One-drive, etc.

I look forward to getting pictures from you to create another album of special memories.  Be the one that says “Time for a photo!”.  Thanks for sharing your memories.