Start with Your Why – Pathways

Start with Your Why – Pathways

By Steven Timmons, Public Relations Manager

Did you know that it cost a total of $67,580 for tuition, room, board and fees combined for the 2018-2019 year to attend Harvard University? The tuition alone for the one year is $46,340. Let’s face it, education is expensive. The shocker is that the last I checked, there is really no value attached to attending just one year of Harvard.

Prior to Pathways being rolled out, the path to starting with Toastmasters was a bit generic. You signed up and received a Competent Communicator and Competent Leader manual. Don’t get me wrong, they both had value and a great deal of it. However, achieving a Competent Communicator and/or Competent Leader designation really did not set you apart all that much.

Then came the advance manuals… They are all pretty cool. Storytelling, Humorously Speaking and even Technical Presentations. There are fifteen manuals in all but the 5 projects in each did not really make you a master in any of the disciplines. I mean, are you really going to put Entertaining Speaker on your resume.

Millions would agree that Toastmasters has value, some of those have been or currently are members. Many others only know of the organization by reputation and still they convey the value. I know several people suggested I needed to be in Toastmasters before I got here, and I do not believe they were ever Toastmasters themselves. The question is do you understand the value of Toastmasters yourself? Do you understand the WHY?

As a Pathways Guide, it dawned on me one day that the real value of the Pathways education system is that they flip-flopped the value proposition to your favor. Formerly, you must complete the Competent Communicator manual to gain access to the advanced manuals. Unfortunately, very few ever made it there.

Today with Pathways, you can walk into programs such as Presentation Mastery, Team Collaboration and Dynamic Leadership. You can build real skills that you can proudly display on a resume. You can build real skills that you can use, and nobody can ever take away from you.

What is the cost of a path? Well, your first one is very likely free. Even for $20, they are a steal.

Simon Sinek says that inspired leaders start with their why. You know the what, that you need to be in Toastmasters, and the how, that you have found Toastmasters. However, have you considered your why you are in Toastmasters? Why do you want those skills and why does it matter to YOU?

This is the thing I want you to act and do for yourself. I want you to determine your why. Read Simon Sinek’s Start with Your Why if you need help to get there. However, Pathways represents an incredible opportunity to improve your skills, knowledge and your value.

Pathways gives you a way to monetize the investment that you and/or your employer is making in yourself. Why don’t you take advantage and start today?