2018 Tall Tales and International Speech Contest Results

2018 Tall Tales and International Speech Contest Results

by Marcheta Gardner

Toastmasters and friends, what a great time we had at the Tall Tales and International Speech Contests on May 4th and 5th!

Snow sharks, dragons and alligators . . . OH MY! What do these have in common they were the topics of the first, second and third place winners of the wonderfully, wild, wicked tall tales competition. It did not stop there, we experienced such wild stories from the mom that dreamed she had it altogether and the oil magnate who attracted oil like a magnet does steel to babysitting Godzilla and the purple people eater inquiring why we hadn’t done our Pathways assessment yet?. Sooo much fun! Such creativity!

Tall Tales Speech Contest Results

First Place:
David Watkins, Keller Communicators Club
Second Place:
Chris Anderson, Mr. Cooper Speaks
Third Place:
Sarah Miller, Las Colinas Communicators Club

For the International Speech contest, phew… I am sure it was tough to be a judge!

Our winners motivated us with PIE time (perseverance, initiative and enthusiasm) or with why we should fear Death and embrace life or why we should care. We were treated by an accomplished group… a talented group… role models for Life!

International Speech Contest Results

First Place:
Ed Archangel, Roanoke Texas Toastmasters
Second Place:
Thomas Torlincasi, Plus-Two Toastmasters
Third Place:
Ed Beekman, Irving Toastmasters Club

Great job to all our valiant competitors! And I would be remiss, if I didn’t thank all of the wonderful Timers, SAAs, Ballot Counters and Judges! The Contests would not happen without you!

This has been a wonderful year… a wonderful experience as your D25 Contest Coordinator! I have grown and gotten to know many more of you. Thanks for your support, guidance and participation.

Succeeding me is no stranger to the district. He is thoughtful, thorough and definitely right person to do more, go higher! Please join me in congratulating Les Condit as your D25 Contest Coordinator, 2018-2019! Congrats, Les, and thanks!

Humbly submitted,

Marcheta Gardner, DTM
D25 Contest Coordinator, 2017-2018