Being an Area Contest Chair

Being an Area Contest Chair

by Michael Duckworth

Area 53 Tall Tales and International Speech Contest

As a new (less than one year) member of Toastmasters, I was honored to be asked to chair the Area 53 Tall Tales and International Speech Contest on March 10th. There are many details involved in presenting a successful speech contest. However, the outline provided by Toastmasters and the many willing volunteers make it all fall into place.

I was pleased that my home club, Roanoke Texas Toastmasters, had fifteen members who participated in various roles. Ed Archangel participated in the International Speech Contest, and Justin Kurtz participated in the Tall Tales Contest. Other club members I want to acknowledge include Eloy Pascal, Area 53 Director; Bob Beideck, Conference Chair; and Sean Graf, Club President and Pathways Ambassador/Guide. Other key roles filled by Roanoke members were Registration Chair – Maria Graf and Refreshments Chair – Shantell McDade. Others filled roles as timers, ballot counters, sergeants-at-arms and refreshment providers. Thank you all so much!

I also want to thank Alliance Networks, Keller Communicators and TMC Toastmasters for allowing me to attend their meetings leading up to the contest to promote the contest and recruit volunteers.

Finally, I want to thank all our speakers for their courage and creativity in delivering speeches that entertained and inspired all who were in attendance. I know Area 53 will be well represented at the Division Contest.

Michael Duckworth
Roanoke Texas Toastmasters

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