Pathways Pins

Pathways Pins

VPEs, you can do something fun and reward the early birds from your clubs: give Pathways bling!

Three Pathways Pins were given to each club VPE during the Pathway Guide presentations. These pins are designed to be given to the first three members in each club to log on to the Toastmasters International website and choose a Path. As a Pathway Guide, I told all my clubs that there was a report that would help them determine who to give the pins to. Sounds easy, right? But which report is it?

The report that includes date and time information for each member that has chosen a path in your club is report #2 – Path Progress. In order to access this report, you must be logged on as a Base Camp Manager. You will need to click on the Member Progress tile then select Report #2 in the left column. Always refresh the report to see the most recent data. Then click on the small arrow to the right of the bar graph and select “view details”. This will bring up a report with the members’ name, path selected, as well as the date and time the path was selected. The time is listed in PST.

You can use this information to give the pins to the first 3 members to select a path. Be sure to take a picture and post them on the D25 Toastmasters Bulletin Board on Facebook.

Award the Pathways pins in your startup kit to the first 3 members who select their path. This can be determined by following these steps:

1. Login as the Base Camp Manager

2. Click on the Member Progress tile

3. Click to see report #2 – Path Progress

4. Click on the options arrow and select “refresh”

5. Click on the small arrow to the right of the bar graph and select “view details”

6. Scroll down and check the last column labeled “Transcript Registration Date”. This will tell you the date and time (in PST) that the path was selected.

7. Determine the first 3 people by looking at the dates.

Kym Schubert