New Stars to Be Explored in the D25 Sky!


One ribbon + 10 small stars + 1 BIG star = Distinguished!


This formula for success will help D25 clubs keep track of
their DCP credits while having some fun as they achieve their goals. What’s it
all about?
Watch the stars shine for each goal

Clubs attending TLI this summer receive a gold ribbon for
their banners. Clubs will use the banner to measure their march toward
Distinguished Club recognition in the 2012-2013 year.

Caution: This ribbon is different from the ones
your club has earned in the past. This ribbon is a visual reminder of the goals
your club must meet in order to be Distinguished in 2012-2013,
the upcoming Toastmasters year,
NOT a reward for past success in the
previous Toastmasters year ending June 30, 2012!

On the ribbon are 10 boxes, one for each DCP goal that all
Toastmasters clubs are supposed to pursue during each club year. A link to
these goals may be found at

Ten stars lead to the BIG ONE

Each club receives 10 small and one large star to go on the
ribbon. As your club completes each DCP goal, place a star onyour ribbon to
mark this measure of your club’s success.

After the March 30
dues renewal
, place the large star at
the top when the club has met the
goal: Having 20 or more members or a net growth of 5 for clubs with a base of
12 or fewer
. (Note: Clubs that picked up stars June 30 TLI did not get a
large star. Just ask for one at an upcoming district event. This project has
evolved since June 30! We just keep on gettin’ better and better!)

During the 2011-2012 Toastmasters year, 88 of our clubs were
Distinguished, Select Distinguished or President’s Distinguished. During the
2012-2013 year, we want every club to be
Distinguished or better!
Your club’s new DCP ribbon will help you keep your
club’s goals before you in a fun way.

Shining Stars Club 4225 displays
new DCP ribbon

Send us pictures
throughout the year of your club achieving success and adding stars to your
ribbon. We will feature some of these in our Hot Topics newsletters.

I want every club to be a star in District 25’s Distinguished
sky in 2012-2013. Let the Stars Shine
in District 25 as we Explore the
within ourselves, our clubs, and our district!


Bonne K. Stroman DTM
District Governor 2012-2013
‘By Julie Cosgrove