Morgan O’Donnell Wins Achievement Award, Shares Some Life Lessons from Toastmasters

Morgan O’Donnell

Over the years I have explored many paths, from noncommissioned officer in the Army to public services librarian to graduate advisor. I have started my own small poetry press, worked as a paid blogger on green issues, and mentored new members in Toastmasters. I finally realized there was a theme to the majority of my jobs and activities and that was helping others find their paths and become who they want to be.

It was this desire to help others – fostered in large part by Toastmasters – that led me to pursue my coaching certification and start my own coaching practice. And it is my Toastmasters friends and mentors who have contributed so significantly to my life, pushing me to believe in myself and take risks, and teaching me how to encourage and mentor others. When I was selected for the 2012 Texas Woman’s University Outstanding Achievement Award I knew that it was in large part because of Toastmasters. So I wrote this post on my coaching blog to honor, recognize, and thank three very special Toastmasters women.



Morgan O’Donnell
North Texas Toastmasters


By Jodie Sanders