Pitfalls to Watch For in Setting Up a FreeToastHost 2.0 Website

Getting ready to request your new FTH 2.0 site? Here are some common problems to avoid.

1. Not being able to get authorization to receive a new FTH site.

Go to the Toastmasters International Find a Club page. Do a club number search to see your club’s meeting and contact information. On the “Click here to email club” link, make sure that is the correct email address of a current club officer, or a valid contact person. If it is wrong, a club officer needs to log in to Club Central and change it.

When you mouse over the email link, the address will appear.

(Click on the graphic to enlarge.)

Here’s why. When you go to the FTH 2.0 site and request a new website, FTH will send an authorization email to that contact email address. If that person is long gone from the club or the address is invalid, you won’t be authorized to receive the new website.

Therefore, first update the TI club information (and wait until it shows correctly). Then request the new site.

2. Not receiving a response from FTH after requesting a new site. (And you took care of No. 1.)

Check your spam or junk email folder.

3. Finding out there is already a website with your club’s number.

Ask your club members if someone has already signed up for a new site and forgotten to tell you! If no one admits to it, submit a change request for the admin account. Most likely, someone else in the club did sign up. That person can either make you the admin, or give you their admin password so you can log in and change the admin information yourself.

If you are having difficulty with getting your site, email me at JodieSanders@d25toastmasters.org.

Jodie Sanders

District News Editor


by Jodie Sanders