Just the Facts, Ma’am!

Very Important Facts: Of the clubs that dissolved last year, 100% were missing DCP Goal #9 “Officers Trained.” Of the clubs eligible for a club coach due to low membership, 49% were missing Goal #9 “Officers Trained.”  
Officer training is essential to club success!

Are you . . .
A new club officer?
Not sure what is expected of you?
Wondering what TLI or DCP stands for?
An experienced club officer wondering WHY TLI? WHY ME?

Then read our helpful Officer Training FAQs:

1. As a new club officer, how am I supposed to know what to do?
All club officers (new, old — uh, veteran, inexperienced, somewhat experienced, expert, in other words ALL officers) should attend club officer training at a TLI.

2. So what IS a TLI?
A Toastmasters Leadership Institute, or TLI, provides club officer training. Our TLI Lites and our Division sponsored trainings provide officer training only. In addition, our Full TLIs offer additional, advanced workshops on communications and leadership skills.

3. I missed this summer’s Full TLIs and TLI Lites. IS IT TOO LATE FOR ME? Will I have to wander about in confusion for the next six months till the Winter TLIs start?
Good news! IT IS NOT TOO LATE!! You can attend one of our Division Sponsored Training sessions or our Last Chance TLI to receive credit. (See dates here.)

4. What if I don’t make it to one of these sessions in August?
Sorry! Last date to receive credit for training is August 31st. Make attendance a priority! It’s hard to be a good officer if you are wandering about in confusion!

5. How often do I have to go?
Club officers are required to train every six months. Training is offered twice a year, summer and winter.

6. But I’m an experienced officer! If I went at the beginning of my term this summer, why do I have to go again?
Some clubs have 6 month terms, some year-long terms. Both experienced officers and newbies attend training each term to assure that everyone has the toolkit needed for club success. The mid-term winter TLI focuses on sharing lessons learned and setting goals for finishing the year strong, as well as on helping newly elected officers get started. For experienced officers, attending TLI renews enthusiasm and commitment to do your best for your club’s success!

7. Why can’t our Area Governor just train us at the club level?

The true value of a TLI is the interchange of ideas from the others in attendance, not just information presented by the session leader. Someone in your group will have a great suggestion for how your club can overcome an obstacle it faces.

8. Why doesn’t Toastmasters International offer online training sessions for officer training credit?
See # 7. Same reason!!

9. How many club officers must be trained?

For your club to receive credit on the Distinguished Club Plan, or DCP, a minimum of four officers must be trained for both summer and winter TLI sessions. That adds up to one goal for the DCP! You only need 5 goals to be a Distinguished club! This is an easy goal to accomplish! Go for it!

10. Can our club get a beautiful ribbon for our beautiful banner?
You bet your boots! If all seven officers go to training, your club will earn a Super Seven ribbon! Think how nice it will look on your club’s beautiful banner! (Especially nice if your club is a new one without much on your banner!)

11. How do I know which officers from my club have been to training?

Check the Online Training Report!

12. Is this REALLY IMPORTANT to the success of my club?
Your club deserves good officers. You agreed to be an officer (okay, okay, you are still going to the chiropractor to get your shoulder back in place after the arm twisting — but you did say you’d do it!). Trained club officers can result in more satisfied members, more exciting club meetings, more new members, and more Distinguished Clubs.

13. How can I sign up?
I thought you’d never ask!! See more details and RSVP here.

Thanks to our TLI Training Team for the successful completion of our sessions in June and July!

See you at TLI!!

Bonne Stroman
Lt. Governor Education & Training



by Jodie Sanders