Let YOUR Light Shine!

Diana Patton

Finding our own strengths or “light” is one of the best ways to maximize what we have to offer as an effective leader, spouse, worker and even Toastmaster. 

Perhaps you have read some of the books on this subject and even taken the StrengthsFinder Assessment to help you identify your strengths or “light.”

Here is a recap from author J. D. Meier regarding identifying that “light” that needs to shine brightly:

  • Identify your signature strengths. Don’t just know what you’re good at. Identify what you are great at. Knowing your strengths makes all the difference in the world.
  • Be your best. The key is to be your personal best. This is why modeling somebody else’s success may not create success for you. You may not have the same strengths.
  • Cultivate your strengths. The key is to focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses. Reducing your weaknesses is not the path to greatness. Improving your key strengths is your personal path to excellence.
  • Use the sum of your talents. It’s not about having a single strength; it’s about using the synergy of your strengths.
  • Find a fit for your strengths. Leveraging your strengths turns your work into passion. What’s work for somebody else is your play if you find the right way to leverage your unique talents.
  • Amplify your results with your network. Once you know your key strengths, you can find the people that complement you in strengths that you lack.

Let your “light” shine by first identifying your strengths and being the best you can be!

Diana Patton
District Governor