“Grow Yourself”

“Grow Yourself”

by Shameika McAllister IP4 Oratory Excellence

When a person hears the phrase “grow yourself” it often brings a bit of concern or even hesitation. Why is this? Because you are required to reflect and take accountability for all that has become a hindrance to you or to your goals.  So, how do we grow?

Start by setting SMART goals: These are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Specific Tasks. When you set goals, they are measurable and if posted visually are more attainable. When achieved, goals provide instant gratification. This requires us to push through the difficulty, humble ourselves and reach for our goals in small doses.

What are the benefits of personal growth? Simply put, letting go of fear. Fear of what we may achieve, what may become and fear of the unknown. Additional benefits include learning to control our emotions, being open to learning new things by enhancing our knowledge base and becoming comfortable within our own skin. This creates a sense of peace which in turn allows us to have better relationships with others.

I have learned while on my journey of personal growth, I have completed quite a few firsts. The first of allowing myself to fail, the first of saying “it’s okay to let go,” the first of allowing myself to just live in the moment and relish in all that it has to offer. The first of not being a perfectionist and saying, “it is okay to pivot from my goals and to adjust” based on my current situation.

I share this piece of me to allow others to understand that it is okay to be vulnerable and to stand tall in our truths. It’s okay to do what’s best for ourselves, our current situations and to not be afraid of the unknown because at the end of the day-it is just you versus you. Remember: Be great and then be greater than the day before.

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