January -Inspired by You

January -Inspired by You

Moments that Matter

by Ninfa Flewitt DTM District Director

In life there are several moments that matter… The birth of your children, your wedding day, the day you complete your DTM! We recognize those moments as they come as many are lifelong dreams that took lots of hard work achieve.

Not every moment that matters is such a momentous occasion. Do you recognize the small moments that matter?

How about the first time that you entered a Toastmasters meeting?  That was a moment that matters… it matters to your fellow club member.  It matters to your boss and your co-workers.   Whether you realize it or not, it matters to your family.  You are now demonstrating a confidence that you likely did not before Toastmasters.  You are confident because of the skills gained in Toastmasters Membership. Have you renewed your membership this cycle?  Get with an officer and get that taken care of today! It matters!

What about your first contest?  Did you win or did you learn?  Those moments matter.  As we head into contest season, I ask that you support your club members who are competing. Support your Area Director as they look for helpers. Being present in those moments matter.

I ask this month, that you keep looking for the moments that matter in your life! Has your club held an open house?  Submit that through the form at https://www.d25toastmasters.org/incentives/#open_house and let us celebrate your club!!  Invite your Area and Division Directors, hold a Golden Gavel Meeting and let us celebrate with you!!

Were all your club officers trained this TLI Season?? Those are moments that matter!

D25, keep looking for the moments that matter, the big ones and the small ones! Celebrate, appreciate, and embrace the moments that matter.  They are everywhere if you look for them.  They are the moments that inspire.