TI Convention Education Session Review

TI Convention Education Session Review

by Marcheta Gardner DTM Program Quality Director

The Toastmasters International Annual Convention is an event that we, as Toastmasters, look forward to with anticipation and wonderment. What will be done differently this year?  Well, the 2021 TI Convention did not disappoint!

One of the areas of focus for me, as PQD, was the Education portion. There were four tracks from which to select, with areas of focus in the following:

  • Dynamic Communication – know your audience, effective communication that is relative
  • Leadership/Professional Development – leveraging Toastmasters to advance careers; know the importance of connecting with people
  • Public Speaking/Stage Presence – those who speak, Lead! people experiencing You… want people to experience the whole “heart” of who You are! It is about persuasion, inspiration and speaking on change for better.
  • Self-Improvement – live a life aligned with your core values; be a self-aware leader

One session resonated with me on Where Generations Meet.  This was facilitated by Phil Gwoke, Generational Expert, who shared insightful information on the five generations we have present today. As I thought about each of the generations – Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z s who we have in District 25!

There were so many parallels. Like, why the movie icon looks like a bunk bed? Gen Zers!

And, if I am saving something in the cloud, what is this icon? Gen Z has no idea about floppy discs.

The thought is, shouldn’t our information and interaction be inclusive of where we are and who we have evolved to, leveraging the growth we have experienced and the knowledge we have gained? There are so many rich ideas. How do we keep the knowledge and experience from our past, yet embrace the witty, out of the box, thoughtful gems of the future?

It seems I am asking more questions than sharing. LOL. It is exciting to have so many eras represented in our world/District! Overall, the education sessions encouraged alignment with core values, self-awareness, speaking up for yourself and others, and sharing the whole heart of who you are!