Tough Choices, More Options

Tough Choices, More Options

by Marcheta Gardner, DTM – Club Growth Director

As we closed out the Membership Drive on 9/30, we had a few people searching for clubs as some clubs made the hard decision about renewals.  We know this is reality in these COVID times.

Phew, that was heavy! How about we lift this up! Just because your club made choices about renewals or about closing, you still have options for continuing your membership. You can join another club to continue your journey. You can even join more than one, when your club ultimately renews. By the way, clubs can still renew (get a minimum of 8, with 3 returning members), to be in good standing status.

For me, Toastmasters has provided a safe place to practice and hone my communication, speaking, and leadership skills, it’s been a constant for me with so much topsy-turvy. The meetings are fun, insightful, and provide a community!

Community is key these days… we ALL need it!  So, continue your journey… stay in community and let’s continue to build our skills together… Running Your Marathon!