Something’s Missing

Something’s Missing

By Robi Ley, DTM, , Immediate Past District Director, District Leadership Committee Chair


By now, you have probably noticed there is something missing from the recent report from your District Leadership Committee. No, we did not forget. It’s not a mistake or an oversight. There is no candidate for Club Growth Director listed on the report, and there will be no candidate listed on the ballot.

How does this happen, you ask? Simple. The protocol that governs our District Election process, Protocol 9.0, clearly states that the committee is to nominate 2 or more candidates for this position. There is no option to only have 1 name on the list. Because the committee only confirmed 1 candidate, that section only is considered invalid. Now it’s open to anyone in the district who would like to run as a floor candidate. Anyone. Even you.

But following Protocol 9.0 is not the real issue. The real issue is lack of interest. The question then is “Why?” is there a lack of interest? Are people afraid of the role? Confused about what it’s really like? Convinced they are not qualified even if they are interested? What is keeping our members from stepping up to say “yes” to providing leadership to our fellow members and improving their own individual skill sets?

I have to say, I don’t know the answer. I think back to when I decided to jump into the trio. I was scared. I was pretty sure I wasn’t qualified, no matter that I had people telling me I would be fine and would do a great job. I wasn’t sure I had the time or the talent. I was wrong. And I was right.

Over the years I’ve served in district leadership I’ve learned this; none of us are ready and none of us have the time. What we do have is desire. Desire to help our fellow members. Desire to see something wonderful happen as people grow and learn together. Desire to better ourselves. Desire to be a better “me”.

I know very well just how unsettled things are right now. The world is upside down and sideways. Uncertainty abounds. Which makes now the perfect time to do something; to make that small, one degree of change that will impact your future in ways you cannot begin to guess.

Our district needs someone to step up and say “yes, I want to help our district grow. I want to be the next Club Growth Director.” Don’t have the time?  We all make time for what we choose to make important and give priority.  Don’t think you have the talent? You can learn. There’s a whole team of people ready to help you.

I will not tell you it’s easy. I will not tell you it’s frustration free. It’s not. But the rewards you gain, the friendships you forge, and the people you influence are priceless gifts you will give yourself. Those gains are worth everything.

There’s more information here. Contact me no later than May 6 to submit your name. Step up. It’s your turn.