Attention Club Growth Enthusiasts

Attention Club Growth Enthusiasts

By Bobby Madera, DTM, Club Growth Director

Do you have a new club lead? Do you want to pursue the lead and help start a new club as a Club Sponsor and achieve credit towards your Traditional program by 6/30/20?

Are you looking to help a new club build a strong foundation as Club Mentor and attain credit towards your Pathways program?

Are you looking to help a struggling club rebuild to Distinguished status as a Club Coach? Have a goal of achieving the Coach credit for your Traditional program and simultaneously achieving 1 Year of District Service by 6/30/20? Or have a goal to achieve Coach credit this year or next for Pathways credit?

Are you a member of a Corporate or Organizationally Hosted Toastmasters Program and desire support to partner with your organizational leadership?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, email our District Club Growth team immediately as follows:

Bobby Madera, DTM
Club Growth Director, District 25
Toastmasters International
Where Leaders Are Made
m 817.988.1661