Looking For Something New To Do This Saturday Afternoon?

Looking For Something New To Do This Saturday Afternoon?

By Joyce Trimble, DTM


Do you look ahead at the weekends and wish for something new to do?  Something even child friendly?  I wasn’t looking for something new to do several weeks ago but I had been invited to attend a local gavel club as the General Evaluator.  Friends, we are missing an opportunity to impact the lives of our future Toastmaster leaders.

I walked into the Lewisville Library for the weekly meeting of Blue Bonnet Toastmasters.  The room was saturated with energy; only the energy that a room of teenagers can produce!  Their leaders dashing around the table distributing well prepared agendas fully engaged into the events to unfold.

Let’s make sure we are clear; these clubs have members who are younger than 18.  You aren’t going to see the usual calm well planned meetings.  They didn’t mind deviating from their speech to tell a talkative member they can have their turn at a speech another time.  Of course, the speaker had asked!  Unfortunately the visitor didn’t know the “rules”.   But they corrected and went on undisturbed with their speech.

Speaking of their speeches…that was one of my take aways from the meeting.   The Topics.  Comparison of their favorite apps; why they dislike mainstream, and my favorite, “Why Don’t we Eat Dog”.  I actually thought this had merit; why don’t we?  I couldn’t help but remember when our youngest daughter returned from France after a year.  She was telling us about one of her last meals with the host family.  The mom was cleaning out her frig (sound familiar) and asked if she wanted beef or horse.  “Oh I don’t eat horse” said Carol.  The mom laughed!  You’ve been eating it all year.  The topic is actually one I want to use soon.   I found it intriguing and certainly never discussed in an “adult” club.

My favorite Table Topic question had to do with adding a permanent attachment to your body.  I couldn’t think of anything but WOW the talkative guest surely had an excellent idea.  A charging outlet.  Think about it!   How handy would that be just plugging In your cell phone and charge on the go!  He really thought it through!  There were some possible negative side effects.  What would happen if someone grabbed your arm and cut off the circulation?  I walked away realizing there was an age gap in that room.

Our Toastmaster future is in good hands.  There are groups of up and coming leaders who are overcoming their fear of public speaking when it is needed most….classroom reports.  They are doing it right now and every one of the clubs could benefit from YOUR expertise.   YOUR attendance.  YOUR support.   Next time you are wanting something new and fun to do on a Saturday, think Toastmaster’s Gavel Club!  There could be one in your neighborhood; if not START One…