D25’s International Visitor

D25’s International Visitor

by Jamie Pickering

Help me welcome, President Deepak…, International Vice Deepak…, Toastmasters International First Vice President Deepak Menon!

It took us a couple times to get the title right, but we’ll never mistake the impact Deepak Menon had on our district.

The plan was simple; hand out some corporate awards, make some marketing calls, attend a conference, and hold a demo. From the moment Deepak touched down in our great state for the second time ever (the first being Houston, not sure that counts?) he was one of us. He took the time, every time, to listen and if asked gave suggestions on everything Toastmasters. We didn’t make it easy on him either!

Our first stop to give a TI Corporate award; Peterbilt. While presenting this award the lights go out! In true Toastmaster fashion we all reached for cell phones and used the flashlight app to light the rest of the presentation! A presentation no one will quickly forget.

Not to be outdone, our next stop; American Airlines. After the presentation we took photos, in a hanger, in front of a Boeing 777. Not only that, they allowed us to board the plane and sit in the cockpit!! A truly memorable experience, all because of Toastmasters.

That night, over Deepak’s first ever Tex-Mex meal, he listened and shared with our Division Directors. Over this meal of guacamole and cheesy goodness, he painted a picture of success and fulfillment for the Directors.

The next couple days blur by with conference, business meeting, leadership breakfast, Rangers ballgame. I now find myself on Monday at a demo meeting were Deepak is giving the advanced speech. His message, “Ignite the Spark.” He reminds us to help others find their spark and turn it into a roaring fire, but first we must tend to the fire in ourselves.

International First Vice President Deepak Menon’s time in District 25 was short, but his impact on this District and its members will always remain.