Pathways is Coming! Are You Ready?

District 25 Ambassador Visits to Start

Hi, members of District 25.

Change is coming! Change is coming!

This past Sunday, September 10, 2017, our Chief Ambassador, Susan Gardner, provided the kickoff training to the assigned Ambassadors for thePathways Groups.

The ambassadors for your clubs will be listed on our Pathways page soon and they will be reaching out to schedule the first of three visits.  The ambassadors are the change agents prior to and following rollout of Pathways in our district. The ambassadors are charged with providing the members of clubs with information about Pathways including the expected rollout schedule.

Please think ahead and identify options for the Ambassador to present the information to your club in the next couple of months.  The presentations should take 10-15 minutes per visit and there will be questions and answers, which could take additional time.

This process is vital to the successful rollout and changeover of our education program from the current program to Pathways.

I am excited about the transformation of our EducationProgram.  This change allows us to keep our club meetings the same while providing a program more relevant to the workforce today.

Some of Pathways benefits include:

  • ·       Never lose an evaluation
  • ·       Available 24/7 anywhere there is access to the internet
  • ·       10 paths versus 2 paths, customizable to your interests and goals.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Susan ( or myself (

It’s Your Journey!

by Greg Pick, DTM

District Director 2017-2018