Club Renewal Policy Change — Now It Takes Eight

A successful club attracts members and keeps them engaged. All of us want our clubs to be successful.

How many members should a club have to be successful? After conducting a survey of members’ satisfaction and an analysis of the Distinguished Club Program, Toastmasters International has changed the minimum club membership level from 6 to 8, effective April 1, 2014. Therefore, for a club to continue in good standing after the April dues renewal, it must have at least 8 members.

You can visit Toastmasters International at the following link to see the official policy. It is located on page 139:

District 25 wants to educate and assist clubs in the transition to the 8-member minimum by presenting a special TLI workshop “Club Renewal Policy Change” on December 14 at Texas Wesleyan University. See how your club can prepare and what district resources are available to to help.


by Cindy Hinckley