D25 Makes Distinguished

Our Toastmaster 2011-2012 ended on June 30, 2012 with District receiving District recognition. I hope that this was your best Toastmaster year yet. I know it was mine. So many members, club officers, and members of the District leadership team truly let their light shine by becoming better leaders and communicators.

I will have fond memories of members that reached deep within themselves to find that special spark and let it shine which in turned ignited the flame within their clubs. Perhaps this was their first education award, first time to serve as a club officer, first contest experience, or first conference which caused the spark to glow. We have so much talent in District 25 and members that are willing to step up to help others discover that spark which begins to burn brighter and brighter during their Toastmaster journey.

The 2011-2012 year began with exciting changes with Toastmasters International. This was the year that that Toastmasters got a fresh new look with rebranding. It was fun to read the positioning statement at each of the Area and Division contests in the fall. We displayed our new District 25 rebranded banner at each contest in the fall and spring.

We started communicating with our members in a new fresh way—HOT Topics and Action NOW.  We tried some new things—regular conference calls ‘Membership Mondays’ to help officers and members discuss topics of interest to make their club even better. Make sure you check out the District calendar and look for upcoming topics that will help you and your club have a better Toastmaster experience.

We posted lots of pictures from special events (contests, TLI, conferences) on Facebook for everyone to enjoy.

The best part of my year was these last few weeks when personally speaking with club presidents and hearing first hand their commitment to making their clubs the best. When year-end reports are posted in next few days we will have over 85 Distinguished (or better) clubs. That represents individuals improving their communication and leadership skills. I’m proud to have played a small part in helping members, club officers, clubs and leadership team to “Let It Shine!”. Being a Distinguished district is a reflection of the commitment by each and every club to letting their light shine.

It has been my honor to have served with Bonne Stroman and Dean Lampman and other members of the leadership team. We proudly served the members of District 25 while completing the mission of the district by providing quality training and leadership development for club and district officers and extending the network of clubs, thereby offering greater numbers of people the opportunity to benefit from the Toastmasters education program.

I hope to see each one of you at the Awards Banquet on August 25, 2012 to celebrate all our accomplishments.

Diana Patton
Immediate Past District Governor


By Julie Cosgrove