Add Members Via Meetup and Other Social Media

Social media is changing how organizations communicate with customers. Consider these statistics from an article on social media:

18% of consumers begin the path to purchase with social media
37% use it for customer service.
74% of consumers prefer to engage with a brand through social media.
After connecting with a brand via social media, consumers feel a sense of trust with the brand, feel like an insider, and feel the company cares about them.

Many D25 clubs already leverage Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to attract new members and keep them engaged. For those platforms, all it takes is a little time to set up and maintain content. For other options such as Meetup, a small amount of money ($12 a month) is required, but it’s often well worth it. Like Toastmasters International, Meetup wants to help people change their world, and our world, by organizing themselves in powerful groups. Setting up a site is easy. New members discover a club by browsing Meetup for topics of interest (e.g. public speaking). The site sends out invitations, reviews and announcements, helping established and new clubs alike:

·        Top Notch Toastmasters added 15 members this year due in no small measure to the club’s Meetup site, which you can view online at:
Flower Mound Toastmasters also gained several members during its first year, 2009, when more than 30 guests learned about the club via Meetup. 
If the more than 60 clubs in D25 now below base membership levels get back to base levels, D25 will satisfy its paid member goal. A Meetup site could help, so please consider it, the other social media platforms, and traditional tactics such as an Open House, Speechcraft program, and membership-building contest. Please learn more about our “Pinning Our Hopes on You” and “Grand Slam” promotions, both of which seek to encourage these steps, and stay busy marketing your club. It’s not too late! 
Thank you and good luck! 
Dean Lampman
Lt. Governor Marketing 
Chuck Mencke
Public Relations Officer
By Jodie Sanders