Consider a Step Outside Your Comfort Box



Mary Feltman

Comfort Box? Again, still and yet, people continue to talk about it. What exactly is your comfort box? Where is your comfort box? Better yet, why do I have to step outside it?

As a seasoned Toastmaster, my comfort box is located at the very same comfort box as most members . . . the home club meeting. This has to be the most comfortable place for me to speak. Why, you ask? Here are a few reasons why this is my comfort box:

  • The room is the place where I learn to give my Toastmaster presentations. The only other place I give my presentations might be in front of the mirror at home, or maybe in the shower. Now quit laughing, that is where most non-singers sing. How about the uncomfortable or just-learning Toastmasters needing a place to practice talking?  Who is in the shower to listen? Who is there to tell you that what you just said was not correct? No one!!! The water faucet is not going to go extra hot or cold because you said an “ah” or an “um” or maybe misspoke. The Grammarian is not counting, because the Grammarian is not in the shower with you . . . I hope.
  • My club members are the best! They are constantly supportive in their comments, evaluations, and always willing to give me that important pat on the back. The club members are always there for me. Need I say more . . . well, maybe an extra thank-you to my club members for always being present and supportive.
  • Then there is also the mentor. I was so lucky with my mentor. He simply never allowed me to say “No.” He always told me “You have to at least try.” Some of you seasoned Toastmasters might remember Ed Kitchens. I totally lucked out with being assigned to Ed. He is the reason I was Secretary of the District, I was Area Governor over seven clubs, and I successfully achieved my DTM. Ed would say, “I think you should run for office, or be division contest master, or whatever opportunity was present, he offered it to me. Well, maybe he kind of told me to . . . “do it already.” Thanks Ed, because you taught me to at least step forward and give it a try.
  • District officers. Whether I was in District 25 or 50, I was fortunate to be challenged. I was encouraged to step up and outside my comfort box. I say this now, especially as I was just asked to be the spring conference chairperson.

Now it is my opportunity to ask some of you to step outside of your comfort box and join me to Ignite the Toastmaster Flame!

What new comfort box would you like to step into at the upcoming Spring Conference? I have some wonderful boxes for you. I am telling you, just like Ed said to me, “Just give it a try!”



Mary Feltman
Spring Conference Chair



By Jodie Sanders