Forty-Nine First Timers Have a Fantastic Time

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The D25 Spring Conference was a perfect setting to meet and greet 49 First Timers!  Bonne Stroman presented a warm Galactic welcome at the Friday First Timers Reception.  The Hospitality Suite, known as “10 Forward,” was beautifully decorated and very accommodating to our reception attendees — complete with the D25 version of Romulan Ale Punch! Bonne provided a brief synopsis of what to expect during the conference and encouraged our Padawan to maximize the value of their attendance by learning as much as possible from the amazing speakers while networking with fellow Toastmasters. One lucky First Timer won a beautiful basket of notecards just for attending the First Timers Reception!

Each new person received a special, limited edition, out-of-this-world First Timers pin from the First Timers Desk at Registration. Several of these brave souls set aside all fear, dressed in their “Sci-Fi” best and joined in the fun at Friday’s costume event. Kudos to Sed (Best Female Costume) for her creativity and enthusiasm for the contest! She represented all of our First Timers as a worthy interstellar ambassador!

Our Spring Conference Padawan worked diligently on their crossword puzzle entries for the Saturday Luncheon prizes. There was an excellent response to the Yoda and Boba Fett Bobble Head prizes.  Congratulations to our two winners! The Force is strong with them.

I am confident that all our First Timers gained much in the way of fresh ideas and valuable information that will assist them in their individual Toastmasters journey. They have met a host of new Toastmaster friends who will continue to encourage them to realize their speaking and leadership dreams. Our First Timers are now prepared TO BOLDLY GO to Infinity and BEYOND!!

Curtis Harold
First Timers Chair