Just Do It!

Article contributed by Kim Story
The District Conference is coming up.  What does that mean?  For those of you who have attended before, you might have an idea (but this year will be different). For those of you that are new, I’m definitely speaking to you.  
When we join Toastmasters, we do so for a variety of reasons.  Most of us realize that being better public speakers will in some way benefit us in our careers.  Some of us have not had the opportunity to be leaders within our jobs and have to gain experience in other endeavors in order to “pad our resumes”.  But maybe you just needed a new group of friends who were positive and encouraging.  Friends who helped you to pursue your dreams instead of providing roadblocks to them.
Regardless of why you initially joined Toastmasters, I want to strongly encourage you to attend this year’s District Conference.  Why you ask?  You may protest, “But it costs money”.  “It takes away time on my valuable weekend from my family and friends”.  Well, maybe you’re right.  It really depends on your perspective.
You see, no matter what your goals are in life, I think Toastmasters can help you achieve them.  And if that is true, I believe it happens even more quickly when individuals attend a District Conference.
Would you like to be a better public speaker?  In one weekend you can see individuals fill roles as Toastmaster, Contest Master, Contest Participant, and Keynote Speaker.  When you witness the best of the best, you will ultimately become better.
But maybe you joined because you wanted to become a leader.  Once again, I will tell you that the best of the best will be at this conference.  They are on the Conference Committee.  They are participating in our District Council Meeting at the Conference.  You may hear them give presentations.  You can witness the DTM ceremony which is the pinnacle of leadership success within Toastmasters.  If you want to see leadership in action, it will happen at the DFW Sheraton this year and that is a promise.
But, most importantly, you are who you spend your time with.  Motivational speaker Jim Rohn has said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.  Really think about that.  Really think about who you spend your time with.  Really think about why you are choosing not to attend this conference.  For myself, I choose to spend my time with the best of the best in our District.
The conference theme is The Power of One.  We truly believe that you are powerful.  We want you to experience the full potential of your power.  
I have chosen to be at the conference.  I want to be a better speaker.  I want to be a better leader.  I want to surround myself with individuals that I look up to who can help me to improve.
You have the power to decide to join us.  Just Do It!  Register today before the Early Bird Pricing ends on November 7!
Kim Story, CC, ALB
D25 Fall Conference Friday Night Toastmaster
District 25 News Editor
Area 24 Director