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Karen Blake, International Director

Saturday evening, May 3, at the District 25 Spring Conference, the newly elected officers were installed by International Director Karen Blake.

Leading the team is District Governor-Elect Marylee Mims, DTM. Marylee’s current title is Lt. Governor Education and Training. Her accomplishments include serving as Fall 2011 Conference Chair and earning the title 2010-11 Area Governor of the Year.

Elected to the position of Lt. Governor Education and Training is Cindy Hinckley, DTM. Cindy is currently the Lt. Governor Marketing. She was the Fall 2012 Conference Chair and has served as Contest Quality Chair, Division Governor and Area Governor.

Rounding out the senior leadership is Lt. Governor Marketing-Elect Jodie Sanders, DTM.  Jodie is currently the District Public Relations Officer. She served as the District News Editor and was President’s Distinguished Area 12 Governor for 2012-2013.

Marylee Mims, Cindy Hinckley and Jodie Sanders

Marylee, Cindy and Jodie are committed to leading the district to Distinguished status in 2014-15.