It’s Your Journey!

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Members of District 25, welcome to the new Toastmasters year!  I am excited about our journey together in the coming year! 
In preparation for their new leadership roles, the elected and appointed District Officers spent an intense (but fun) weekend training and relationship building to develop skills to best serve our members.  Building relationships is a valuable asset on any journey.  
I encourage all members to develop personal relationships with Toastmasters within their own clubs as well as with members from other clubs.
Toastmasters offers a myriad of growth opportunities such as contest chair, contest toastmaster, speech contestant, district committee member, conference attendee and TLI’s.  (TLIs are for everyone!).  
Will you choose to explore any of these opportunities?  It’s Your Journey, you decide.  You may be surprised where the experiences take you! 
As our new year begins, set goals for your personal growth and achievement.  Whether your interest lies in leadership development, communication skills or a combination, the Toastmasters Program can provide a journey that will transform your life.  You will be pleased with the personal growth and may be surprised at the growth in areas you hadn’t anticipated.
Your club is your foundation and home base.  It’s the beginning of Your Journey.  
Ready to learn more about what’s available outside your club in District 25?  Your Area Director can provide more information.  It’s easy to find your Area and Area Director.  Contact them and ask questions.  
District 25 loves volunteers! 
Our members are at the heart of District 25.  I wish everyone success this year as we travel together learning, growing, & laughing as we become better communicators and leaders! 

Remember, It’s Your Journey!

Greg Pick, DTM
District Director 2017‑2018