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The 2017-2018 District Leadership retreat was held at Glen Rose from June 24 – 25 for Area and Division Directors.

It was a weekend packed with educational sessions conducted by the Trio and Division Directors.

The weekend included the team scavenger hunt as a team building activity.

Each team had to create a photo presentation using these ideas:

  1. In one picture show the core values of Toastmasters (not using people)
  2. Find a rock that looks like your Division letter.
  3. Build a human pyramid.
  4. Hold a TM meeting
  5. A man with a beard shaking hands with someone on your team.
  6. Entire team in a closet.
  7. Entire team reflection on something other than a mirror.
  8. Entire team in the bed of a truck.
  9. Entire team in Mid Air.
  10. Entire team chilling.
  11. Entire team make a gift (can cost you no money) for another team – picture is giving that gift.
  12. Play leap Frog
  13. Show off your leadership skills – lead a wild animal.
  14. Practice your communication – communicate with nature.
  15. Sunset
  16. “Perspective” photo; must include at least two team members; (Think of those photos you see of someone holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.