My New Perspective on Awards Banquets

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     If you want to fully appreciate attending an Awards Banquet Ceremony, I highly recommend that you serve as the event’s chair. 

     My two previous banquets I was there as a guest. I got dressed up, enjoyed dining with friends, applauded, had my pictures made onstage, said goodnight and left. There was a pretty program at the table and a lot of pictures of the year’s activities were shown. 

     What I didn’t see were the hours of preparation it had taken for me to have a pleasurable night. What an eye opener the last few months have been. I saw the room being designed to comfortably accommodate everyone while allowing required space for the audio-visual contributors. I saw the little details of the style of napkins used and how it was to be presented…on the table or in the coffee cup. Oh yes, let’s not forget my favorite, tasting the meal AND THE CHOCOLATE CAKE! I saw the thought that went into the table decorations; were they too high, did they have a rose that I wanted throughout the night’s event? 

     I was witness to the hours spent getting the videos and slides just right. Were there ribbons for the clubs? Were they the correct ribbons? Were there tickets for the meal preferences? How could we increase attendance? How would the program cover be designed?  How many tables were needed on the stage; and what decorations could we use on the stage? The past year’s survey was reviewed; could we modify the banquet’s events with the suggestions?  

     Getting the picture of what it takes? I did for sure. And there were key people in attendance on Saturday night who appeared as though it was all in a day’s work but had spent hours perfecting those little details. To each of you I say thank you.

     Serving as the event’s chair was a highlight in my Toastmaster Journey. I learned much.  If you are asked to serve next year, say yes. You, like me, will more appreciate each event you just show up and enjoy!
Joyce Trimble, DTM

Awards Banquet Chair