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The dictionary defines Excellence as “the quality of being outstanding.” This past year, we worked to “Achieve Excellence.” This year we will focus on how our members can “Experience Excellence.”

How do you create an excellent experience for the members of your club?

Be Clear About What You Want – That’s the Vision
What do you want your club to be? (No club deliberately sets out to be a low-member club, but it happens a lot.)
To create a vision for your club takes a little effort.

  • First, brainstorm it among yourselves – use the Moments of Truth as a framework for your discussion.
  • Second, write it down. Your vision is the basis for the goals you will set in your Club Success Plan.

Set the Standards that You Want to Meet – Focus on the Goals
That is how you are going to make that vision reality. You set goals and then you work on them – all year long! Keep your goals at the forefront of club officer meetings and share progress with the members.

For your goals, be specific, not vague. Instead of saying “We need more members” say something like “We want to end the year with 5 more members than we started with.” 

Focusing on the goal may involve a change in how your club operates. For example, if your club wants to be Distinguished, set some expectations like:

  • “We will not cancel meetings, even if only three people can be there.” (Cancelled meetings mean no opportunity for manual evaluations, therefore fewer education awards.)
  • “Officers, we expect you to go to training and learn all you can about helping our club.” (Officer training goal 9 is the easiest one to get.)

Just keep working all year to maintain the standards of excellence.

Build and Maintain the Connection with the Members
How are you going to keep your club growing and thriving?
Engage your members!

  • Make sure everyone has a job, both in the meeting and in the club.
  • Have a mentoring program. What are the member’s goals? 
  • Let your members know that you are glad they are there – and that you miss them when they’re not.

Create that “excellent experience” in your club. If your members feel they are getting value, they will stick around.

I am excited about the year ahead of us and looking forward to serving you as your District Director!

Jodie Sanders