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Happy New Year! Okay, I know it’s July, but it is the start of the new Toastmasters’ year. It’s time to start with a clean slate, high expectations, and new goals. There are many great opportunities for you to “Experience Excellence” in the district. Our district focus this year is really all about you, the member. The best way for you to experience excellence is to create that experience for yourself. What can you do? Oh, so many things. There are already demo meetings scheduled and we need help with those. There is also an opening on the marketing team for someone who really wants to get involved in the process of building new clubs.

We are looking for someone to fill the role of Extension Chair. What’s involved? Several things. One, you need to be very comfortable explaining the Toastmasters benefits to anyone, from your next door neighbor to a top executive. As Extension Chair, you will assist me in following up on leads that have been generated by Toastmasters International or by fellow members. You will find some leads of your own. You will become very familiar with the Charter process; all the paperwork, setting up an information meeting; setting up a demo meeting. You will be invited to attend demo meetings, either with me, or instead of me if I can’t be there. There are materials available to study, and learn, but the presentation is all you.

If you have a desire to help clubs grow from beginning idea to fully chartered, we want you on our team. To be considered for this position, please send your information to helpwanted@d25toastmasters.org. Please include your Toastmasters resume, and your professional resume if you choose. Tell me why you want to help, and what you see as your greatest asset to this process.

A couple disclaimers; this does not count toward your year of service for your ALS, but you will still be eligible to compete in speech contests.

Step up and let’s Experience Excellence together.

Robi Ley
Club Growth Director