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Those who attend the officer training sessions on January 29th at Nissan, January 30th in Waco, and January 31st at Stacy Furniture, are in for a big treat. The general session will be a special presentation by Past International Director Heath Suddleson. Heath was a keynote speaker and education presenter at our Spring 2015 District Conference.

Heath will be talking about “High Octane Club Management”:

Why did your club members join Toastmasters? Are they getting out of Toastmasters what they wanted and needed to get out of Toastmasters? If they are, then they will be happy, active, and engaged members in your club. If they are not, they will leave your club. Is your club full of happy, active, and engaged members? 

Heath’s session focuses on how all club officers can get their club running on all cylinders. Every club can have an active membership and vibrant feel if the club officers know where to put the focus. You will learn that focus is on service to the members and recognizing what keeps people going so that we can avoid burnout and always have a fresh supply of willing leaders.   

Be sure to sign up for one of these three training dates, January 29th, 30th or 31st, as soon as possible, as space is limited. Choose your date on the D25 website and register now!

Cindy Hinckley, DTM
District Director