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Fellow Toastmasters,

Our Spring Table Topics contest concluded on Friday, May 1, 2015, and the International Speech Contest champion was selected on Saturday, May 2, 2015.  

The District Table Topic contestants included:  

  • Frankie Rike, Top Notch Toastmasters – TNT, Division D
  • Clifton Theus, LM Evening Toastmasters, Division A
  • Tom Merritt, Wichita Falls Club, Division E
  • Lauren Midgley, Southlake Club, Division F
  • Michelle Perkins, NEC Toastmasters, Division B
  • Sean Hayward, United Communicators Club, Division C
Table Topics contestants: Sean Hayward, Frankie Rike,
Clifton Theus, Tom Merritt, Lauren Midgley, Michelle Perkins

All the Toastmasters provided outstanding thoughtful answers to the Table Topics question; “When has someone believed in you, when you did not believe in yourself?”  The results of the Spring 2015 Table Topics contest were:

Table Topics Winners:
Sean Hayward, Michelle Perkins, Tom Merritt

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The Toastmasters competing in the International Speech Contest to be the District 25 champion and compete as a semifinalist at the Toastmasters International Convention in Las Vegas included:

  • Oliver Cozby, Fighter Enterprise Toastmasters Club, Division A spoke on “Take A Risk – Get Involved – Make A Difference”
  • Tom Pierce, Southlake Club, Division F described “My Final Gift”
  • Ed Archangel, First Rate Toastmasters, Division C told us about “Your Secret Recipe for Success”
  • Ram Ganapathy, Heart of Texas Bridge Gappers Club, Division D described that our life was like “A Balloon in The Sky”
  • Matt Bunke, FAA Toastmasters Club, Division E told us why “I AM Possible” 
  • Sonya L. Rundles, Shining Stars Club, Division B described how she “Almost Choked Out”

The contestants provided inspiring, thought provoking speeches.

Our winner is “going to Vegas baby!!!”

and will give the other districts a run for the money at the World Championship of Public Speaking during the Toastmasters International convention in August in Las Vegas.  The results of our District 25 2015 International Speech Contest were:

First Place – Ed Archangel“Your Secret Recipe for Success”
Second Place – Ram Ganapathy“A Balloon in The Sky”
Third Place – Sonya L. Rundles“Almost Choked Out”

I want to encourage everyone to stretch themselves to participate in the Area and Division contests during the upcoming fall contest season.  It is going to be Rockin’ and Rollin’ because “D25 Rocks!”

Submitted By
Greg Pick, DTM
2014-2015 Contest Quality Chair