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The Servicing Support Department at Nationstar Mortgage no longer requires their Nationstar Speak Toastmaster members to use their lunch hour to attend meetings. When asked why, the VP, Ramie Word, responded:

“Toastmasters offers a unique opportunity to Nationstar employees interested in expanding their career path. It builds contacts within the areas of Servicing as employees from a wide range of departments meet each week. This allows interaction between employees and departments that may not otherwise take place. 

Additionally, it builds confidence and improves writing and speaking skills for those participating. Growth within management at Nationstar requires regular interaction with peers, senior level management, and often, investors. These speaking skills are a necessity in meetings and presentations and become increasingly important as you develop your career. 

We use Toastmasters as a training tool available to those employees looking for another opportunity to polish their leadership and speaking skills.”

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Joyce Trimble
Nationstar Speaks