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Confessions are good for the soul; or so I’m told. In hopes of sparing you the mistakes I made as a first timer at a D25 conference, I make my confession of the thing I did wrong; I failed to register for Friday night’s events. I’ve worked all day, I’m tired and I won’t miss anything, I told myself. I can save myself some money, I reassured myself. I don’t want to spend time away from my husband, I boasted to myself.

While I was tired and went home, I missed A LOT!! I missed the ONE EVENT which I would have benefited from the most – The First Timer’s Reception. The reception was designed to help me meet attendees and become acquainted with others experiencing the event for the first time. I would have learned why I was gathering names on a sheet of paper that was handed me when I did arrive and I might have even won a prize for completing the get acquainted game designed for me. I would have learned I needed to register for the Saturday business meeting rather than just showing up and not being able to vote.

I missed the speech contest. No one from either of my clubs was competing so why should I be there! I now look back and ask myself, “How narrow minded can you get, Joyce?” We are on our journeys together and everyone needs everybody; especially when one is competing; alone on the stage. All they have is a room of friends who are wishing them only the best and cheering them on.

Yes, I did save myself some money:
$99 for a restful night’s stay at a luxurious hotel,
$40 for the Friday Evening Dinner and Contest.
WOW $139.00. I consider my Toastmaster journey my college education and $139.00 doesn’t even begin to cover one semester. I must now ask myself, “How much is an education worth?”  I attest it’s worth at least $139.00

Carl and I did spend that Friday night together. As memory serves me, we were both asleep in our chairs; certainly not quality time spent together. For the next conference, we rented a room for Friday night at the hotel and enjoyed time away together! AHHHH much better!

Confessions ARE good for the soul. I feel so much better now that I have bared the errors of my way. Do as I say, not as I did. Register now for all of the events and if you are a first timer to the conference, join us at the First Timer’s Reception. We are Rockin’ Around the Clock just for you!

Submitted By
Joyce Trimble
1st Timers Chair
Spring 2015 Conference