Thank You!

Thank You
Of all the contests I’ve attended,
there was none like Division B.
An announcement of the free night winner…
Surprise, it was me!
Gracias, Merci, Thank You!
I appreciate this.
It is nice to be a winner.
Nothing do I wish to miss.
Looking forward to the conference,
to the people there to meet.
Good friends, first-timers,
and the famous meals to eat.
Don’t forget the educational sessions,
lessons that apply to heart and mind.
Such useful information,
where can anybody find?
And important is the teamwork
that can be seen at every turn.
The time and effort invested
so we can all grow and learn.
From beginning to the end,
Surrounded by poodle skirts and bobby socks?
I’d be remiss not to say that…
D25 rocks!

Submitted By
Amelinda Salas