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We are all in the pursuit of becoming the best version of ourselves but we are all at different stages of our journey. I had avoided the Toastmaster Conferences in the past because I feared the unknown. I enjoyed being a big fish in a small pond and grew accustomed to being around the 20 other members at the FAA Toastmasters Club. My vision was small and I lived in blissful ignorance to the bigger Toastmaster world.

As I write this, Bruce Springsteen is singing “Born to Run” which is appropriate for the Rock and Roll theme of the upcoming event. It can also serve as a theme song for the Toastmasters that are now ready to take full advantage of the Toastmaster opportunity.

1st Timers at 2014 Fall Conference

As a first-timer at the 2014 Fall Conference, it was an eye-opening experience to listen to the professional keynote speakers, learn from the breakout educational trainings, and watch the District Level speech competition.

I was also proud to support the new class of Distinguished Toastmasters as they received their well-deserved praise. From the crowd, I was inspired to see my fellow Toastmaster members reach an incredible milestone.

Matt Bunke escorting
Lt. Gov. Education & Training
Cindy Hinckley

The Conference was a reminder that true success is the pursuit of the full development of your potential. Imagine how good it must feel when your full potential is uncapped and released. Imagine how good it must feel to step onto a stage, deliver the speech of your life, and absorb the applause of the crowd. When you see others performing at a high level, you bring that energy back to your home club. As the Hero returning home with the magic elixir, you have the courage to be your best and the ability to encourage others to be their best.

Matt displaying the Toastmaster Magazine’s
January 2015 edition while visiting China.

The Conference opened up opportunities and allowed me to network with like-minded people. I learned that you must be open to the opportunities that life affords you. If you are ready to expand your limitations, I highly encourage you to attend the next Conference. You never know what will happen. You may meet someone that changes your life. Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from saying yes to yourself. Sometimes you have to jump into your fears. Never lose the childlike willingness to try something new. Give yourself the permission to fail. As Toastmasters, we will fail our way to success. See you at the 2015 Spring Toastmaster Conference!

Submitted By
Matt Bunke
President, FAA Toastmasters Club