I Dig that Rock and Roll Music!

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On January 25, the D25 Spring Conference Committee Rock Stars kicked off our planning, and we are ready to rock! If you dig that rock and roll music, mark your calendar for the District 25 Spring Conference
May 1-2 at the Marriott Solana Hotel in Westlake.

Your clever conference committee is committed to convening the


We invite you to join us for a wonderful weekend. You will Rock Around the Clock with the distinctive District business meeting, electrifying education sessions, dynamic dinners, captivating contests, celebratory ceremonies, and fun festivities, all to the tune of That Old Time Rock and Roll! Stay tuned to this station for more rock and roll news! Till next time, check out our conference web page. You can even register now at https://www.d25toastmasters.org/conference/index.htm

Rock On, D25!

Submitted By
Bonne Stroman, DTM
Spring Conference Chair