Now we have TLI Plus!

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My how time flies when you are stuck inside! I can’t wait to get outside and soak up some of the sunshine that has finally found us!

Coming up in January, we have full TLIs (Toastmasters Leadership Institute), TLI Lites and now TLI Plus! 

TLI Plus will have refreshments (pizza, for inquiring minds) and will include club officer training, chief judge training, judge’s training and Electives: Club Renewal Policy Change Workshop, Basic Website – FreeToastHost, and Alternate Leadership panel (for those club officers who are training again for the same office).

The deadline to report your club officers’ list to Toastmasters International is December 31st for Distinguished Club Program credit! This is the list we (Marylee and I) will consult in order to give the club DCP credit for the members attending training. The sooner it is submitted to TI, the better.

Kathy Brewer
District 25 Training Chair