The 12 Gifts of Toastmasters

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“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?”— Bob Hope

Indeed. Loving others is what Christmas is all about — at least when we get it right. The same applies to Toastmasters, where we show love for others whenever we:

  1. Invite guests to meetings or ask them to become members
  2. Provide a standing ovation for a new member’s icebreaker speech
  3. Offer a thoughtful, encouraging speech or meeting evaluation
  4. Give a well-prepared speech
  5. Participate in meetings as a Toastmaster or in any other role
  6. Attend meetings, even without an assigned role
  7. Mentor or motivate members
  8. Support speech contests, conferences or club officer trainings
  9. Serve as a club officer
  10. Volunteer for area, division or district leadership 
  11. Share stories of how we’ve benefited from Toastmasters (see D25 examples)
  12. Help form a new Toastmasters club.

That’s a dozen gifts — most reflecting the Toastmaster’s Promise — that show our love of others through Toastmasters. We don’t wait for Christmas to offer them; we’re always looking forward and giving back. So, the next time you hear the old English carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas, remember that you are a true love to others, bearing the 12 gifts of Toastmasters — each priceless and offered freely.

Sometime during this hectic holiday season, please consider doing two things:  1) Think about who you can benefit during the remainder of this Toastmasters year by sharing the gifts of Toastmasters, and 2) Take a moment to express your appreciation to someone who has “given back” to you in Toastmasters. 
Your District 25 leaders — Dean Lampman, Marylee Mims, and Cindy Hinckley — extend their sincere thanks to you for your service in Toastmasters.
                                     Merry Christmas!